Fairfax Table

Fairfax Table

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What's a Farm Table without the Freshness? With beautiful vintage beams reclaimed from structures across the California and Pacific Coast region, the Fairfax Collection features native species and a clean take on a classic table design. Our standard finish for these tables is an extremely durable, low-VOC natural hardwax oil finish. Blackened and Waxed steel bases offset these impressive tops, available in Thin + Thick profiles.

Choose your size and colors. Custom available. Available to 15' x 6'. Commercial inquiries welcome.

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Materials: Mixed Woods - Doug Fir

Base: Steel

Design Story

The Fairfax Collection is our take on the Farm Table style. But before we get into that, let's go back. Waaaay back.

Farm Table history has humble roots. Practicality was the name of the game for early settlers, and they built these tables for eating and as a work surface for daily tasks like cooking and canning. The tables were generally built from rough lumber cut from readily available native trees. They were also, for the most part, built from softwoods. Reason being, these trees were abundant, strong enough to frame buildings, and easier to work with hand tools than hardwoods were. Long planks of lumber were hand planed (flattened), and joined together with simple joinery. The ends of the tables were capped by what's known as a "breadboard", which is meant to keep the table top from cupping, while allowing for the seasonal expansion and contraction of the boards that would cause them to cup. Benches were usually made to accompany these tables, with similar approaches to design and construction.

Fairfax is the OG LA Farmer's Market. Back in July 1934, a handful of farmers and merchants parked at the corner of 3rd & Fairfax and sold their fresh produce and wares from the back of their trucks." It's hard to imagine now, but the corridor that's now home to some of the freshest shops and restaurants in City of Angels was once all rural. Yep, an actual Grove. As structures from that era give way to time, their beams are being reclaimed and repurposed as today's farm tables.

The Fairfax Collection features true Reclaimed Old Growth Douglas Fir. Usually found in structures built prior to 1945 in Southern California, this timber is known for its distinctive golden amber tones and brown shades, classic grain and pronounced texture. We've taken the Farm Table top and updated the vibe. We've gotten rid of the breadboards. They served a purpose, true. But we've shifted that work to a custom fab'd steel strut that's hidden cleverly below. These beautiful old sticks just make a different type of impression when they get to run the full length of the table. We've cooked up some strong and sexy steel bases to pair with this collection, released and updated on a rolling basis.