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The Wedge takes inspiration from the home of the biggest swells in Southern California - The Wedge, Newport Beach, CA. The grain of the wood alternates across and down the length of the table so wavy…as always, details matter so the patterns line up at the seams whether the table is set up with or without the leaf.

Bigger table. Smaller table. Same table. Seats 6-10.



Venice Table

Fresh Dust’s original design, named after our original hometown. This twist on the classic chevron pattern has been a crowd favorite since day one…

We took the classic chevron and gave it a twist.  The Venice Collection is a showdown between Pattern and Texture, wrapping the rustic character of hand selected reclaimed in fresh lines and finishes.  Slayin' dinner parties since 2015.

Choose your size, base, and colors.  Custom available.

Canal Table-0490-C.jpg

Canal Table

The Canal Collection is the Venice Collection, remixed.

Creative, intricate assymetry upends Venice's pattern and lays down hand selected reclaimed in ways that makes 'em say "ooh" every time. Different since day one.

Choose your size, base, and colors. Custom available.




What's a Farm Table without the Freshness?

With beautiful vintage beams reclaimed from structures across the California and Pacific Coast region, the Fairfax Collection features native species and a clean take on a classic table design. Our standard finish for these tables is an extremely durable, low-VOC natural hardwax oil finish. Blackened and Waxed steel bases offset these impressive tops, available in Thin + Thick profiles.

Choose your size and colors. Custom available. Available to 15' x 6'. Commercial inquiries welcome.

XL Ipe-8016-C.jpg

Ipe Table

Fresh Dust. Fresh air. Fresco.

Featuring beautiful South American FSC Certified Ipe, Fresco's gorgeous wood grain, minimalist lines, and subtle craftsman's details are the perfect anchor for modern outdoor dining spaces. Oil it or let it go grey gracefully.

Choose your size and colors. Custom available.